Trump's First Hundred Day Successes. @LizPeek @stevemoore @FiscalTimes @Heritage

Apr 28, 2017, 12:00 AM

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Trump's First Hundred Day Successes. @LizPeek @stevemoore @FiscalTimes @Heritage

"...At the same time, states like California continue to offer unauthorized residents budget-busting benefits that could cost citizens important perks – like scholarships to state schools. Such favors could increase hostility to people in the country illegally, and prevent real immigration reform.

The New York Times reported earlier this week that the Brooklyn district attorney has “created a policy that tailors prosecutions to avoid, when possible, the deportation or detention of immigrants charged with certain misdemeanors or nonviolent crimes.” In other words, prosecutors are being told to do legal handsprings to make sure that undocumented defendants do not plead guilty to the kinds of crimes that could get them tossed out of the country.

In deciding what kinds of charges to bring, the DA aspires to achieve “immigration-neutral disposition,” says The Times. Should that be the focus of our prosecutors? How long before that stated goal begins to discourage cops from rounding up criminals who might face deportation to avoid offending their political bosses? Might native-born Americans be treated more harshly under this new discipline than people in New York illegally?..."