Ep 10 - The Mimes

Apr 28, 2017, 12:25 PM

Mimes Girish and Vinod follow their passion doing a full time job? Especially if it is something like theater which takes a long time to crystallize and monetize.?

Our podcast with Mime and Theater Artists, Girish and Vinod talk about the challenges involved in achieving this, mindset required to reach there and what kind of involvement their families have.

Their grit, dedication and certainty is one that is infectious and one that you need to tune in to feel.

They perform regularly in Bangalore and if you want to see them soon, do check out their Facebook Page. You can get in touch with Girish and Vinod here -

Girish Bijjal - https://www.facebook.com/girish.bijjal ; girish.bijjal@gmail.com Vinod Kumar S — https://www.facebook.com/vinod.s.50 ; vinnglad@gmail.com Emoticons - https://www.facebook.com/emoticonstheater/

You can read more about the Passion People Project here -


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