Episode #318: Queenie

- Jude Law responds to being cast as Dumbledore

- Listeners give their thoughts on Theseus Scamander

- We begin our first Fantastic Beasts character discussion: Queenie Goldstein

- Queenie's Legilimency does not appear to be common knowledge

- How her abilities could be used for both good and evil in future films

- Was she forced to repress her Legilimency growing up?

- Is she intentionally keeping the truth from MACUSA?

- How Queenie's Legilimency differs from that of Snape

- Why does she reveal so quickly to Jacob and Newt that she can read minds?

- JKR: While Queenie could read your mind right now, she doesn’t always draw the right conclusions from what she’s reading. What are the implications of this statement?

- Make The Music Connection returns with an interesting twist

- Sage schools us on the latest Wizard Rock

May 01, 05:27 PM
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