042 - Up North with Comedian The Beautiful Bogan (pt 1)

May 02, 2017, 04:46 AM

Flat tyre on the way, Comedian The Beautiful Bogan, how he met Big Al, the adult section at blockbuster, the 10 porno a week customer, the rewinder, secrets of the video rental store, the Big Al laugh, Big Al's stalker, Stephen King scary car, It the movie, one way to advertise the Badcast, we're in Big Al's backyard, The Most northern thing that has ever happened to you, cops, high speed chase, megaphone, what the Beautiful Bogan had stolen from his house, when someone died in the front yard, home invasion, what is the northern suburbs all about for those who don't know, why the name Beautiful Bogan? Gawler, the original bogan from the castle movie, swamp people, Marc Ryan vs Marcus Ryan, Kitty Flanagan, Fringe battle, How to make slime, Stretch Armstrong, UFC, Liam used to be that nude guy, Big Al's backyard, BBQ collection, weber esky/cooler, what stuff the beautiful bogan sells on gumtree, Bogan pickers, how to make a holiday BBQ, Big Al's famous dog, Faye the wonder dog, smackos, RSPCA million paws walk, Liam's dog failed the psychological test, Australia Day, Donald Trump, the Beautiful Bogan name change, vegan, paleo diet, Pee in public, steam mop, the Beautiful Bogan is a stay at home Dad, going on tour in New Zealand, Kevin Tate, charde, vine, Australia tour, strats, Russell Simmons, Snoop Dogg, Big Al comedy dates.

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