Kasol & Malana with Chasing Sunsets

May 04, 2017, 01:02 AM

This week, The Musafir Stories speaks to the team behind the blog Chasing sunsets - Shilpa, Roomi and Nandhini. They started off like any friends in a movie, promising to meet each other every year in a foreign land. Since 2013, they have kept that promise and somewhere along the way, an urge to preserve these memories led to the blog Chasing sunsets. Sit back and enjoy listening to their exploits in Kasol, Malana and beyond

Today's destination: Kasol and Malana, Himachal Pradesh 

Nearest airport: Bhuntar Airport located near Kullu    Nearest Railway Station: Pathankot

Prerequisities - N/A

Packing - Light sweaters, warm clothes

Time of the year - September

Length of the itinerary: 7 days

Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Start of the journey in Manali where you could spend a couple of days with nature, some delectable Himachali food and shopping for himachali stoles, pashmina, harem pants and souveniers. 
  • Next stop Kasol, also known as the mini-Israel of India given the number of Israeli tourists and cafes. 
  • Enjoy nature walks in the valley, streams, fresh mountain air and ofcourse some delicious Israeli food.
  • Tosh is a beautiful village close to Kasol that offers a lot of hiking/trekking spots, beautiful views and cafes! 
  • Malana is a little village about 2 hours from Kasol, and a 2.5 hour trek further. 
  • Also famous (infamous rather!) for the Malana cream - a hash made from heirloom cannabis grown in this remote area of the Parvati Valley.
  • Malana is also known as an aryan village, where the locals believe themselves to be the descendants of Alexander the great.
  • Locals prefer not to mingle with the outside world and do not touch outsiders
  • Listen to the interesting story of the goat justice!
  • Lastly, listen up to some fun stories and useful advice from Shilpa and Nandhini!

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