Episode 125 - Leah Archambault (UTI)

May 04, 2017, 08:04 PM

As technology continues to fail Damian and travel looms it's head again, he still manages to turn in an episode (Very late). This time with one of his best bud's and FAVOURITE vocalists ever: Leah Archambault! Join the two as the they sit down and discuss being a vocalist, dance as inspiration and Leah's journey through punk to find the sound that she identified with.


Mutual inspiration

Pump Up The Volume and the for Pirate Radio

CKCU and Beamo and Mr. Happy

Grunge as first exposure

Babes In Toyland

Partyin’ at the Pit

Mr. Bungle and the love of art school kids

Kids into clowning

Too real: A kid shits on the floor at a party

a trend of wearing you underwear on your head

Going to 5 Arlington

Moving to Montreal

Dance before death metal

Breakout Summer: Brutal Knights, Career Suicide and Fucked Up

Finding your hardcore

Living at the Rehearsal Factory

Sloan practicing one by one

Kos knocks on the door…

A school project becomes a band

Finding your voice

Sam from the Explosion producing the demo

Siesta Neoneux

The G-Man

Armed And Hammered

Endless Blockade

Endless Darkness

Bad Skin and the Bad Skin House

Shows at Annie’s

Dance influencing performance