Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 37: Straight Outta Surgery!

May 08, 2017, 04:17 AM

Ryback Straight Outta Surgery! Can I get another cocktail nurse? The Amazon Debacle. Mopping under the table! Pat Buck’s Blackout! Who had the better promotion, Pat or Ryback? Cryback? God, these guys throw shitty elbows. Taking things out of context. Stealing Podcast Material and misleading people with headlines. Ryback’s hospital stories. What’s Ryback’s favorite part of surgery? Wrestling fans have no shame. Life is good! Ryback is 1 year WWE FREE! Healthy Again! Grinding Bone Spurs. When is a wrestlers peak? WrestlePro Starland Ballroom Thoughts. Old Shirley is in the lake. What time does this end, I gotta go pick him up! DDP was a home-run! Starling Ballroom featuring…Paige? She Married a Pirate! I only sign in Gold. Thoughts on Elgin. What was Pat’s Audible? $150 for a TABLE? Table Matches with Cena. Dark Main Events after Raw. Broken Table Injuries. Ending the show on a good note. Dark Finishes. Watching the PPV with Swoggle. What’s Swoggle’s favorite type of wrestling? Swoggle, Father of the year. PPV Thoughts. House of Horrors!!! Randy Orton’s Pants. The Too Sweet Crowd. Today was McDonald’s. 50 shades of UK reviews. Review of the Week. What made Pat spit out his drink? Carnival Wrestling Promoters. A lot of CM Punk fans love the Big Guy too! Does Ryback have a hangover cure? What are Ryback’s most embarrassing moments in the ring? “Assholes I have to Pay For!” Big Poppa Pump talk. Scott Steiner flips out on Pat Buck. The Nasty Boys Hotel Story. What Moves do Ryback and Pat Buck hate taking the most? Pat Buck and Piledrivers. No Selling Germans. Ryback’s list of people he wants to fake fight with in 2017. All this and much more!!!

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