Bumper Beesotted End of Season Podcast with Guest - Brentford FC Midfielder Reece Cole

May 11, 2017, 05:55 AM

The season is over. This week we are joined by Brentford FC midfielder Reece Cole talking about life in the B Team … graduation to the First team … and looking forward to Brentford’s match against Manchester City at Griffin Park on Monday 15th May. - KO 7pm

What better excuse for the Beesotted crew to gather in the Cross Keys Pub in Stamford Brook, Hammersmith and celebrate yet another Top 10 season in The Championship and discuss the highs and lows of the season. The best away match. The best goal. The most improved player of the season. The 'must try harder' award plus lots lots more.

In the boozer this week we have:

Dave Lane Matt The Allard Allard Ali Mullaley Savvy Bee The Dutchman Ian Westbrook Crumble Chris Fairbank Alex Cole
Greville Waterman Paul Grimes Royal Oak Bee

plus special guest, Brentford midfielder Reece Cole

0m - intro 7m 55 sec - Review of the beginning of season predictions from the Beesotted crew and guests & also Championship bloggers’ predictions from each club 29 m 25 sec - Reece Cole talks about the Brentford B team, playing in the 1st team and the forthcoming game against Manchester City 57 m 41 sec - Brentford player of the year event and Beesotted crew discuss which players are in and who’s out 1 hr 18 m 08 sec - Beesotted end of season best of and worst moments of the season selection 1h 35 m 43 sec - Final chat 1h 40 min 42 sec - End

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August predictions for Brentford FC’s finish this season (http://bit.ly/2oMm5lX):

Ali - 9th Sav - 11th Bruzon- 8th LordLouCan - 6th Liberal Nick- 12th The Allard - 10th BillytheBee - 6th Jim Levack -4th Gemma - 7th Ian Westbrook - 9th Greville - 11th Paul Grimes - 13th Jon Restall - 10th Laney -10th

Championship Bloggers predictions ..

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