Ed Hick, Foraging, Slow Food and Bloom Fringe. The Sodshow Live

May 11, 2017, 09:20 AM, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

Peter Donegan chats with Ed Hick, Live.

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The Sodshow Live Show took place at Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, Dublin. This episode was one of the days series and was just one part of the very beautiful Bloom Fringe 2016 Festival.

To Ed, he is the man behind Hick’s Sausages, Hick’s Bacon Jam and Hick’s Butchers of Dun Laoghaire. He is a staunch member of Slow Food Ireland, a caver, a potholer, a wild food expert, and a guy who really loves showing kids how to make sausages. We only talk about the horticulture and in this episode, it is jam packed.

As part of of Bloom Fringe, Ed took a cycling foraging tour along the banks of The Royal Canal in Dublin. And so from non berry picking in june, preserving without freezing, to elderflower picking and champagne; And from foraging, the one third rule and so much more we delve right into the things both Peter and Ed were reared doing which has a little become a trend and maybe a little of a buzz..... but this, in the very heart of Dublin City Centre, where one might least expect it.

Music with thanks to the gentlemen that are Homo Leviticus.

Further info:

twitter: @edhick web: www.wildandslow.com - or - www.EdHick.com

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