May 11, 2017 Dr. Jeffrey Rubin: The Art of Flourishing in a Chaotic World - A MUST LISTEN

May 11, 2017, 10:00 PM

JEFFREY B. RUBIN, Ph.D., is the creator of meditative psychotherapy, a practice that he developed through insights gained from decades of study, teaching, and helping thousands of people flourish. The author of the critically acclaimed books Psychotherapy and Buddhism, The Good Life, and A Psychoanalysis for Our Time, Dr. Rubin is a practicing psychotherapist in New York City and Bedford Hills, NY, and has taught at various universities, psychoanalytic institutes, and Buddhist and yoga centers. He lectures around the country and has given workshops at the United Nations, the Esalen Institute, the Open Center, the 92nd Street Y and Yoga Sutra. His pioneering approach to Buddhism and psychotherapy has been featured in The New York Times Magazine. Ethan and Dr. Rubin have an enlightening and PRACTICAL conversation about how to navigate through a crazy world with inner peace! Find out why Dr. Rubin and Ethan both agree "happiness is not the goal, it's joyfulness, because it's not fleeting." Also why Dr. Rubin says "finding happiness is bi-product of living a good and full life, and doing for others as well as yourself, that's where happiness is".