Episode 126 - Jake Fogelnest (The Fogelnest Files, Girlboss, Difficult People, Squirt TV)

May 12, 2017, 03:46 PM

Some episodes are worth the wait... This week Damian sits down with writer/comedian JAKE FOGELNEST to talk about his journey from starting a public access TV show out of his childhood bedroom to the force he's become in pop culture today.

Sit back & NERD OUT!


Being in Wet Hot American

Rocky Horror Picture Show

They Might Be Giant

A brief history of the movie Time Square

One hell of a soundtrack

Alan Moyle: Arguably the most important Canadian Film Director to the history of music

Night Flight

Getting into Devo

Growing up in New York City

Going to see REO Speedwagon and meeting Cheap Trick

Seeing Micheal Jackson on the victory in the front row

Having cool parents

Going to the premier Kids

“Yo, I fucking bodyslam kids like you.”

Squirt TV

When Thurston Moore

The brilliance of New York City public access TV

Getting into John Waters at a young age

talking to John Waters on the phone…. at eight

Jon Spencer gives the best gifts

Matador Records

90’s New York is no joke

Other Music (RIP)

90’s Zine Culture influence “Is it hard to be the only person in the room that understands Punk culture.”

GG Allin

Legs McNeil

When Joey Ramone gets into your car…

“We Got The Neutron Bomb” the book

Rolling with Julie Klausner on the Manson Family Bus Tour

Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party