Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 38: The Best Fat Guy Wrestlers of ALL TIME!!!

May 15, 2017, 04:00 AM

Blowing your brains out! Not yet on Amazon!!! We lost a sponsor. Who’s using Ryback’s catchphrase? Fake News Bennett is a big fan of the… Why did Ryback quit riding with people all together? London is the top city this week. Let’s promote Vaseline! It hasn’t been a good week for the Big Guy. The Amazon Debacle Continues. The font doesn’t match up. IcoPro Revenge!!! Top 10 Greatest Fat Guys of ALL TIME. Let’s Play Russian Roulette LIVE!!! Ghost Ryback. Conversation with the Little Guy. There’s nothing better than a couple of drunk guys making lists. Let’s talk about Pet Food. Why did Pat kick someone out of his school? Disturbing Wrestler E-Mails to Pat. I’ll be there in 10 months… Managers have to bump too. Spin Class Fun! DH Smith a CWTBG Podcast Fan! The Jinder and Ryback Battle-Pack with Camera. The popularity of ProWrestling in India! Mobbing the Big Guy in India. The Bugs were on the Turkey. Ryback, Dolph and Kofi’s India Adventure. Two body guys, tight on money. A story Pat isn’t proud of. Work out your taint! Harry Smith and Pat Buck story. What does Pat think is the greatest wrestling name of all time?

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