Episode 11: Hatin' on feet, road trip food and bikini updates

May 17, 02:00 PM

WARNING: 'This podcast contains strong language and mature content.' On this episode of the Glass Case of Emotion podcast, Ryan Blaney and Kim Coon are joined by Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and the team discusses the things they hate the most and Kim updates everyone on her Leia bikini status.

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edman35603 - 6 months ago

I agree drinking Coke out of a twizzler is amazing!!!


Jongodbey - 6 months ago

Great podcast


MadsElaine - 6 months ago

Keep it up. Very funny!


CaleDeRoo - 6 months ago



ColtenRiley - 6 months ago

All star race would have been a PERFECT opportunity to finally sneak those meows in... killing me Ryan. Really want to bump that 4-star to a 5.. I really do.

"Worst part about prison was-- was the Dementors"
- Prison Mike


ssloan10 - 6 months ago

Love the podcast. Just started listening. Went back and listened to the old episodes very addicting. Keep up the good work.