5/16/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind


There is a concerted effort by the media and the Democrat Party to take out President Donald Trump. The latest in the New York Times is that a memo written by James Comey in February claims that Trump asked him to end the investigation into Mike Flynn. This is a self-serving contemporaneous memo. According to the memo, the President told Comey that he hoped Comey could let this go. Comey is a leaker and person who destroyed the FBI. He doesn’t like the way he was fired and the fact he was fired, so is striking back. If this is obstruction, why would Comey wait 2 and a half months later to show this memo? Only after Trump fired him does this become a major issue. Comey is really a modern day J. Edgar Hoover. This is just another phony scandal with the disgusting and deceitful left wing media. Congress should ask Comey where his memos are and how many he has and should be directed to preserve those memos. In addition, we have Democrat media outlets like the New York Times receiving classified information via leaks. The leakers are committing felonies. The irony is that the leakers are undermining the President and Israel yet nothing is done about them. What is being done to Trump in this presidency is unprecedented and worse than what they did to Ronald Reagan. Later, Trump said repeatedly that he would move the embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, now he won’t even recognize that the Western Wall belongs to Israel. Why is it that we recognize 219 countries and yet with our closest ally we refuse to put our embassy in their capital? We have to get permission from Hamas, Mahmoud Abbas and others to acknowledge our closest ally who shares intelligence with us.

May 17, 01:06 AM
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