Episode 262-Deuce's Concussion, All-NBA Team and Lottery

Deuce and Mo return after Deuce missed two days with a concussion so Deuce spent way too much time recapping his journey (00:35), they discuss the All-NBA team (5:30), Deuce doesn't understand how Cousins doesn't make the team (7:16), they recap the NBA Draft lottery and why they were fine with the Kings landing the No.5 and 10 pick (13:15), Deuce says he's on the Fox bandwagon and how Playstation helped improve his game (15:30), he explains why he's cool with the men rompers and Morgan is disgusted (21:05), how the Kings front office is changing it's image and meeting with top prospects (22:30), if Ball will land with the Lakers (25:40), they discuss why the Celtics shouldn't trade the No.1 pick (29:49), the crazy stat about LeBron and if it means anything (32:20), LeBron's big Game 1 (34:14), Pop does the right thing by calling out LaMarcus (37:10), a Spurs fan is suing Zaza and the Warriors (40:00), Derek Carr and the Raiders working on a new deal (43:10), who to believe: Giselle or the NFL (45:20), the drama between LaVar Ball and Kristine Leahy (50:37) and if the Giants are turning it around (54:25).

May 18, 08:14 PM
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