The Rider: There's A Dolphin In The Mersey

May 18, 2017, 08:31 PM

What dolphin?


What on earth is going on?

The Rider this week has 10 great songs, of course it does, but it has some of the finest collection of wham known to man. Everything you pay for in one place.

Beyond Dolphins there is loads of stuff about weekends, about music, about life. This is like life.

Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia rattling through.


Lady Leshurr - Juice J Hus - Common Sense Kasper not Kasparov - Mechanical Turk Jade Imagine - You & I courtship. - Sunroof Fazerdaze - Lucky Girl En Vogue - I'm Good Goldlink - Meditation Joan Shelley - Where I'll Find You Charlie Cunnigham - You Sigh