Episode 127 - Joanna Angel (Burning Angel)

May 19, 2017, 03:01 PM

Hello friends! Damian is still out living a wrestling fans dream come true, BUT is still bringing you another conversation with someone amazing from the world of Punk. This week is no exception as Damian gets to chat with Adult Film Star and owner of Burning Angel - Joanna Angel. Listen as the two discuss Joanna’s love of all types of DIY punk, putting on basement shows and writing Fanzines in the wilds of New Jersey as well as the violence that made her step back. THIS ONE IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!.


Shout out to Dave It Up for making this happen

Watching 120 minutes

loving grunge and indie

Not wanting to listen to what’s on the radio

trying to put the pieces together

getting invited to sit with the three punk people in your high school at lunch… FINALLY!!!

Going to see Sonic Youth

still searching for your scene

Trying to find Avail

Going with Ivan and the punks to see Rancid

Hating Rocket from the Crypt… AT FIRST

Feeling like you belong

Going to the VFW to see Less Than Jake and becoming obsessed

Going to Craig’s house to see the Casualties

Meeting punk friend in chat rooms… it was a different time

ABC No Rio

going to college and finding hardcore

Being embarrassed of the drunk punk scene past

Tear It Up

Doing a Zine

Seeing Refused

Refusing to go to “concerts”

Asking Geoff Rickly on a date to see Elliot Smith

Being a “scene-floater” because you love ALL punk music

Going to every single Kid Dynamite show on the East Coast

Pretending to know about Lifetime

Going to shows every night!

Against Me! playing your basement the day you launch Burning Angel

Feeling privileged to get to be a part of it

Youth Code

A concert was a show in hall or a rec-centre

the singer of Endeavour

War On Women

Loving the music but hating most of dudes

Getting aware of porn in college

“What’s a porn star?”

The asexual nature of Hardcore

Getting an internship at the nerve.com

finding sex positivity

Ian Mackay and porn

Handing out flyers for your Pornsite

deciding to step back from punk

falling in love over a Rocket From the Crypt tattoo