Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 39: Ryback, Rip, Randy...OH MY!

May 22, 2017, 03:51 AM

Sad and Depressed :( Ryback wants to get drunk really fast It’s conversatioN, there is no S in my FCKING SHOW! Play my music!!! I’ll take a free ring for my backyard. A lot of feedback It’s good to have influence. I wonder how big her… Some Dusty Rhodes Talk. Ryback is torturing himself. There’s a ghost haunting Ryback. How much has Ryback lost in sales due to the Amazon Debacle? Ryback’s interesting attire. The Secret Bowling Alley. Holding it Together. The post broke! Ryback vs. the Locals. I just messed that up guys, he’s from Tennessee. We should be a little more organized. Punk's one million dollar offer! 7 year contract, 34 tournaments. Picture in Picture Commercials. DIVE!!! Cutting to Vince in Gorilla during the break. What’s Ryback’s Biggest Regret in Wrestling? The Rip Rogers Tweet! FCK YOU to Psychology. Throwing away the basic fundamentals of Wrestling. Selling to the masses. When did being a gymnastics star make you tough? 2 Sweet Ryback! Everyone wants to be the nWo and DX. The 1 Star Review!!! The Big Guy’s Court!!! A Tranny or a Trainee? Pat Buck’s Big Guy’s Court Curveball! 17,000 F’n Tweets!!! I don’t like Pat Buck. Top Ten Flattest Asses. When will Ryback be back in WWE? Lennys and Larry’s. Pat Buck Sign Guy. Pat opens up his WrestlePro Emails to the world. The Big Guy gets odd messages too! I want to be punished. NO LIMITS!!! I broke Punks ribs for a Hooters Gift card.

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