Episode #321: Seraphina

- "You've never heard of midnight release parties?"

- Wizarding World Hollywood is getting a nighttime show

- The original cast of Cursed Child calls it a wrap

- Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Seraphina Picquery

- What does Seraphina being selected by all four Ilvemorny Houses tell us about her?

- Sorting Hat vs. Gordian Knot - it's on!

- Picquery's term as President (1920-1928) - how exactly did it come to an end?

- Seraphina's wand was made by Violetta Beauvais - we discuss the implications!

- How does her leadership compare to Cornelius Fudge & Rufus Scrimgeour?

- Her relationship with Tina

- Listeners share their thoughts on the President of MACUSA

- And a few more first-time Potter stories are shared

May 22, 01:56 PM
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