Die-Hard Independent Matthew Dowd on 'A New Way'

May 24, 2017, 11:00 AM

Mike talks to author, ABC News chief political analyst, and die-hard independent Matthew Dowd. Mr. Dowd has extensive experience in politics where he's worked for candidates and officeholders on both sides of the aisle, including Democrats Dick Gephardt & Lloyd Bentsen and Republicans George W. Bush - on whose campaign he was chief strategist - and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He's co-author of the bestselling book 'Applebees America' and his latest book, which just came out this spring, is 'A New Way: Embracing The Paradox as we Lead and Serve'. He's also founded multiple companies, including ListenTo.us, a community of independent minded people sick and tired of gridlock and the lack of common-sense leadership and dedicated to putting the 'united' back in United States.