Ep 12 - The (Coffee) Roaster

May 26, 2017, 03:30 PM

Sales Boy to Bar Manager to Flipkart Employee to Coffee Entrepreneur? That is the story of our Passion Person Vikram today.

His face lights up as he starts off on his story. You can feel the passion that he has for his craft. The energy in his voice is infectious. When I was getting to know him, I mentioned that he will have to talk again when I was recording, he smiles and says, "I would love to, bro." If there is something apart from his coffee that I love, it is his cheery attitude and the ability to warm up to anyone he meets within a few minutes :)

Do take a listen and let us know what you think of his journey of becoming a coffee entrepreneur.

To get in touch with, Naga - naagasubramanya@gmail.com, you can reach out to Vikram - vicky@deccancoffee.co, he loves coffee but he also makes some time to meeting and helping people follow their passion and brew them some joe. We would love to hear from you! <3 (and serve you a nice cuppa)