DLG1718_Ammo O'Day is an Esoteric Life Coach and has some advice for Dr. Lisa

May 26, 2017, 12:30 AM

Ammo O'Day is in a category by herself: an esoteric life coach. She utilizes fitness, nutrition, reiki, tarot, chakra work and magic to heal what ails you. http://thefitnesswitch.com/ I had the honor of spending this whole hour with her and learning about how she melds her practices and of course how it applies to me. We start out by my making her tell me what her impression of me was when we met a few weeks ago-She said something that I've heard from people who know me well, but never from a first impression. I'm still thinking about it!

It seems to me that a defining factor for her was an emergency appendectomy she went through at 9 years old. This was a fascinating episode and kudos for Ammo for telling me things not easy for me to hear - but I ASKED! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY she now has an RFB show herself: I'M WITH MAGIC, Listen HERE: http://radiofreebrooklyn.com/ #psychotherapy #reiki #fitness #spirituality #witch