Episode 128 - Jimmy Havoc (PROGRESS, ICW)

May 28, 2017, 12:47 PM

A Day Late & A Dollar Short, WE'RE BACK!! This week Damian sits down with the former & longest reigning Progress World Wrestling Champion, JIMMY HAVOC! Listen in as the two discuss gettin' into punk, gettin' into wrestling & "Blading" with whatever you can find.


Mutual respect for MVP and Alex

Loving AFI so much that it was a naming

Davey Havoc > Taylor Swift

The Offspring

Guns and Roses

Giving up in high school

Getting forced to listen to stuff

The music teacher at school the driving force towards punk

Going Reading Music Festival

“That’s your shoe!”

Staying once at Reading and never again

A terrifying story about the Download Music Festival

Daniel P. Carter and A

Loving a bands evolution

getting into wresting

Knowing only WWF

loving Mick Foley and Sabu

Dreaming of going through a tape

“Blading” with a fork

Meeting Jim Smallman

Forming Progress

and so much more!!!!