Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 40: Headline Clickbait!

May 29, 2017, 05:54 AM

Ryback Quit the Indys? HEADLINES!!! $1,500 room service bill. Ryback, the most polarizing internet figure! Can anyone take a joke anymore? People aren’t listening to the full content. Ryback’s triple shot. Pat and Ryback’s Crazy Indy Wrestling Adventures. FAKE NAITCH, WOOO! Ryback’s replacement is a guy that had a shoulder replacement and a hip replacement. RED EYE! Ryback has some previous Indy-Cred. Skin on Skin Body Heat. There’s no way this is happening. How was Pat Buck’s week? Some GOOD Amazon News!!! Name Change Confusion. Hawkins and Pat Meet the Mets. What Met follows Ryback on SnapChat? It’s F*CKING YOGURT!!! Am I supposed to get this drunk before Surgery? Ryback’s Baseball Injury. Pat’s most recent House of Hardcore Experience. No one gets in Pat’s line. Cody’s Charity Fan Slam. Ryback’s Charity! Pat has the line of the night! Winky Face. Pat has blood work done…again. Ryback GASSES UP! Thoughts on Jinder being champion. Nobody is ready for the Main Event until you’re put in the Main Event. Pat’s thoughts on why the WWE’s ratings are staying where they are. Can the WWE make new people if they wanted to? Hate from India. Who had their first victory over Ryback on a live event? Bloody Ryback. Referee Mickey Mouse gloves.

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