May 29, 2017: Maureen Hangin' with Malachy McCourt

May 29, 2017, 10:25 PM

You might know Malachy was a daytime soap opera actor, raconteur, Tonight Show regular (during Jack Parr days), a celebrity bar owner in NYC, candidate for Governor of New York. Of course, brother of Frank McCourt, author of the pulitizer prize winning book Angela’s Ashes. The pair traveled the country - with stops in San Francisco - to perform their two man show.

Malachy is out with his latest book, DEATH NEED NOT BE FATAL - sure we find out why a funeral procession keeps their lights on? And the origin of the Irish wake?), but it is also about booze and brotherhood, poverty, guilt and shame (you wouldn’t be Irish w/o it). history, the famous (Bill Clinton! John Wayne! Kirk Douglas!) , but mostly about living life to the fullest.