Episode 60: Newness

May 30, 2017, 12:13 PM

“One of the most exciting places to play in…” says one player, “He injected confidence in me, something that other coaches have seemingly done their best to take away from me at times…” says another. “We want to develop Manchester hockey” says Manchester Storm’s new head coach, along with using the words ‘sustainable’ and ‘competitive’… “We have to work together. It can only benefit the long term future for the sport,” says former Manchester Phoenix coach on upcoming #ManchesterVictims benefit game.

Clare Freeman hosts a round up of all the Manchester Storm new-ness. Featuring:

New owner Gordon Greig New head coach Ryan Finnerty New starts with Tony Hand on EPL demise and future of British Ice Hockey New signing Jay Rosehill Newly latest announced signing Dallas Ehrhardt