TNT 1778: The Big Levandowski

May 30, 2017, 11:05 PM

Uber has fired Anthony Levandowski, its VP of technology and the former head of its self-driving car effort. The decision to fire the engineer/executive came after Levandowski decided to plead the fifth and not offer any evidence or testimony defending himself or Uber in a lawsuit filed by Levandowski's previous employer, Google's Waymo. Andy Rubin, the father of Android, unveiled the Essential Phone, with premium specs, a titanium body and ceramic back, pure android, a near bezel-less screen design, and magnetic pins on the back for modular expansion. The Essential Phone is currently up for preorder for $699. Sheryl Sanderberg -- lobbyist? In 2014, Facebook's famed Chief Operating Officer personally lobbied the Irish Prime Misiter, Tee-shaw Enda Kenny, both offering praise and threatening to take Facebook's investment dollars away from Ireland if the company didn't get its way. Facebook's European headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland. She also pushed for "one stop shop" provisions in the EU's new privacy laws, and indeed that came to fruition. That will go into effect next year. Plus, malware that clicks ads while you play android games, a big patent win that is consumer friendly, a mechanical gaming keyboard that is okay with you eating your sandwich over it, and Alison Griswold from Quartz says food delivery in the internet age is a tough nut to crack.

Hosts: Jason Howell and Nathan Olivarez-Giles

Guest: Alison Griswold

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