Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 41: Perfect Meat on the Table! The Top 5 BEST and WORST Wrestling Theme Songs!

Jun 05, 2017, 03:19 AM

Pat has chest pains and he might be 9 months pregnant. Rey MaCEREAL? Tug Boat IS Shock Master! Who will be Ryback’s first match back? Is John Silver ready to wrestle a fat tub of sh*t? Ryback, back to weight training. How much did Pat Buck deadlift? Ryback’s long wait at the doctors. The future’s bright! Where in the world is Pat Buck’s Dad? Captain Pat. We don’t belong in the water. Is Pat getting burnt out? Pat’s a broken man. Taking away the bumps. The Brookside Shuffles. The No Selling Dive Spot! Malcom Blows Up! Ryback tells a Chris Benoit, Bill Demott Story. The 450 man tournament has been cancelled! What has never happened in the history of wrestling? Wrestlers and spoken word standup. The Big Guy and the Little Guy! Ryback and HHH Face-off! What would be the best Table for 3? Old Booking Stories by the Pool! What causes veins? Big Guy Body Dysmorphia! Throw a lot of money at Hogan! Thank you Big Gene Snisky! HBK Bumping. What would Ryback’s first match back in the WWE be? THIS IS YOUR LIFE! Turning off Raw. The rosters are thin. the Nia Jax Tweet. Yoshi Tatsu Heat. Dolph Shoot Rolled AJ? The AMAZON SITUATION!!! Ryback likes just being Ryan. Message board Fans. Ryback gets lost in his own thoughts. Ryback’s take on Kurt Angle and Daniel Puder Tough Enough segment. It’s all for Vince’s entertainment. Wrestling is a RIB. ROH/WWE and contract tampering? How big is Batista’s…? Wrestling Theme Songs! Why is the WWE making Nakumara talk? the nWo/Ryback Photo ops. Some Demolition Theme Song Trivia. Kevin Dunn loves Edge. Meat on the table?

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