Episode 272-NBA Finals Game 2 Recap, Fox in Sac, Seahawks say no to Kap

Jun 05, 2017, 08:00 PM

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing how everyone is watching this "boring" Finals (1:20), some of the great performances from Game 2 including Durant dominating both sides (2:30), Steph Curry's incredible on LeBron shouldn't have happened (8:10), what it meant to have Steve Kerr return (9:40), why one writer suggests the Cavs may want to think about throwing the ball out of bounds (12:17), what to expect in Game 3 (15:20), the NBA's issue with players getting fouled on 3-point attempts (18:22), the Cavs locker room smelled like weed (19:50), why Deuce is sick of people hating on the Warriors for constructing their "superteam" (22:00), if Morgan is ready to say the Cavs are dead (25:00), De'Aaron Fox is in Sacramento (27:54), if the Lakers would consider passing on Ball and what would happen if he fell to the Kings (30:00), why the Seahawks didn't sign Kap and went with Austin Davis (34:07), the 49ers add Elvis Dumervil (36:52) and they close with highs and lows of the weekend even though Morgan wasn't ready (39:00), the Ryan brothers get wild (40:50) and Hank Williams is back on Monday Night Football (43:30).