TNT 1782: Pod is Where Your Home Is

Jun 06, 2017, 02:28 AM

Apple held its annual Worldwide Developer's Conference keynote where they announced the HomePod, the rumored Siri speaker that will be available in December. Apple pushed the sound quality of the device with its seven-speaker array of tweeters and real-time acoustic spatial awareness that will determine the room its in and play music accordingly.

Apple's next Mac OS update is High Sierra, with an update to the Apple File System, Safari updates that will stop autoplay media in the background and increase privacy by blocking certain types of ad trackers, and Metal 2 and Metal for VR. It's available as a developer update today, a public beta this summer, and then available to all later in the year.

New MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and iMacs are shipping today, starting around $1300. And in December you'll be able to buy a $5000 new iMac Pro with space gray finish, a 5k display, and up to an 18 core Xeon processor.

Plus, FitBit loses significant ground to Apple and Xiaomi in wearables, Palmer Luckey is getting into the border security business, Amazon has a new phone in the works, a Supreme Court case will see if cell location data is protected by the fourth amendment, and Quincy Larson from Free Code Camp joins to tell us a little bit about students of code.

Hosts: Megan Morrone and Jason Howell

Guest: Quincy Larson

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