Soaring temperatures prompt Hong Kong weather warning

Jun 06, 2017, 04:56 AM

Hong Kong recorded its hottest day of the year last Saturday as the temperature hit 35 degrees Celsius in parts of the New Territories, prompting the Observatory to issue its first very hot weather warning.


Chan Siu-kam has more.(雪梨不久前錄到今年以來最寒冷的一天,早上只得幾度。 不過位於北半球的香港,就剛剛相反,當地天文台於上星期六發出酷熱警告。究竟天文台怎樣預測香港這個夏天的天氣呢?香港市民又有些什麽解暑妙法呢?陳小琴和溫楚良於中港快訊裏談過。  )