For the Purists

Jun 06, 2017, 11:35 AM

Whilst editing this new music podcast, it really struck me that this was an odd pod. Rob and Callum will have these - every so often the mood is a little stranger, the tangents odder, even the editing (or lack thereof) is a little off-key – it makes for one of those ‘for the purists’ If There’s Hell Below podcasts. We hope you enjoy it; the music is pretty good, at least.And what about that music: there’s some power pop from Boa Constrictors, some garage rock from Duke of Surl, sophispotopop from Bunny – stuff you can rely on, a musical safety rail. There’s also some nice lap steel guitar instros from Eerie Gaits, 70s west coast rock from Theo Verney and post punk from The Sticks, along with other musical delights.If you love this podcast, you’re a good egg… So give us 5 itunes stars.