Summer Break - Manchester United

Jun 06, 2017, 05:24 PM

It has become something of a received wisdom within the present day that the mainstream media exist as the pinnacle of what is possible in sports journalism. Whilst it is not in our interest to reject this assumption, here at A Team of John O’Sheas we believe that some of the most perceptive insight regarding the top teams in the country comes from the fans themselves. In the course of this podcast series, we will be bringing together some of the most influential fans from across the Premier League to give you the low-down on the teams that they watch week in, week out. We’ll look back over the season just gone, try to get a handle on the transfer activity that rumbles on through the summer month, and look forwards to the next season which, as always, seems to creep up on us with ever increasing speed. This week, we’re taking you North to the heartland of Premier League football. The City of Manchester has dominated the top division in English football ever since it broke away from the football league in 1992. One club in Manchester, though, has enjoyed a period of dominance unlike the other. Under Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United won an unprecedented thirteen Premier League titles and unquestionably played his part in fashioning the division into one of the best in the world. But following his departure, the club has never attained the same level of achievement. With the arrival of Jose Mourinho in 2016 it seemed as though the club could have finally catalysed and begun an upwards trajectory. However, only a League Cup and a Europa League victory have ameliorated the embarrassment of a sixth place finish in the league. It seems, then, that next season is the real acid test for Jose Mourinho’s United. Is he still worthy of the title The Special One? Or is he now just The Special One-One draw? Joining me to discuss all things United are two of the biggest names in the world of Manchester United podcasting. Paul Ansorge is the co-host of the globally acclaimed United Rant podcast which has thousands of listeners around the world and, when he isn’t hosting podcasts, he is also the Manchester United correspondent for Bleacher Report. Alongside him, we have Richard Cann, a regular on the Red Voices podcast who can also be found writing on the well-regarded Red Mancunian website.