Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 42: Reinventing Ryback: Top 5 new gimmicks for Ryback’s Independent Run!!!

Jun 12, 2017, 10:36 AM

Pat Buck’s 30 atomic wings! Some Squatty Potty Talk. Poo Poo Poo. @CWTGB Twitter! Ryback and the Dukes of Hazard. Ryback’s retirement tour. Ryback meets Super Mario?! Fun at comic con. Printer Woes. $500 on Cabinets. Conversation with the Big Guy Merch. Bowing Canadians. Business meetings at Hooters. Delegating! Pat’s 45% percent. There are a lot of great promotions out there!!! What does Ryback spend his rate on? Ryback, the shadow. When does Pat’s guard go up? The Big Guy and the Bad Guy. Has Pat ever kicked a comedian in the balls? Fake Naitch. the Paul Lee/Ryback World Tour. Let’s read some messages. Ryback, the big dumb animated animal. Shoulder updates. Ryback praises Tony Schiavone’s podcast. What will be the downfall of the show? Swoggle is a fan of the show. Ryback has a special message for the WWE locker room. Feed Me More Wrestling and the old revolver. Post show drunk Pat and bedroom shenanigans. Negative Articles about Ryback. Meet and Greets with Ryback. Ryback #2 at the worst at Meet and Greets??? 15 images of Ryback being a D-Bag. A GREAT question of the week! Song, Marry, Kill. Ryback Marry’s Cena. What was Ryback’s worst match in WWE? Ryback’s Sleep Formula. What is Pat’s wife hinting at? Hooking Pat and the Big Guy up with a Florida Vacation. Taking arm drags. Ryback has a Cone Head. Reinventing Ryback! The top 5 gimmicks for Ryback’s independent run!
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