Episode 15: Blaney's Big Win and Being Full of IT 'With Arms Wide Open'

Jun 14, 01:00 PM

WARNING: 'This podcast contains strong language and mature content.' On this episode of the Glass Case of Emotion, Ryan Blaney and Kim Coon recap Ryan's big win at Pocono Raceway, provide a huge Dale Earnhardt Jr. update, and give new meaning to being 'stuffed' while weighing in on if Creed, Nickelback, and Staind are all the same band.

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Sarend24 - 5 months ago

Congrats on the win last week Ryan, was pulling for you and plus I'm just glad you beat Harvick and Busch 👍Anyways, another great podcast I was laughing my ass off..you guys make Wednesdays the best days ever.

<user-4982909> - 5 months ago

Just downloaded all the episodes yesterday and binge listened at work the past two days and I am addicted! Love this podcast, especially the shows with guest drivers (my vote is for Ricky Stenhouse to be the third host, hilarious episode - sorry Chuck!😬)

<user-4982519> - 5 months ago

In response to the person right below, first of all, can't believe I'm seeing anyone else on a NASCAR comments section talk about vinyl, cassettes, and local punk and indie bands but yes, my local indie punk band put out cassettes because we wanted to put out our album physically and it was cheaper than vinyl, we could give out DL codes, and no one listens to CDs anyway.

<user-4981552> - 5 months ago

Regarding cassettes making a comeback: some small local punk and indie bands in my area have started selling cassettes with free digital download codes because they're cheaper to produce than CDs or vinyl and the codes give people an incentive to purchase it on that outdated medium, but that may just be a quirky thing around here, I dunno.

Anyway, this is my first time commenting but I've been listening way back since Speedweeks. Congrats on the win, Ryan!


Lokitahcastro22 - 5 months ago

Kim, im with your boyfriend on bringing a child to see the movie. I'm bring a child with me, in my opinion its werid to go see a children movie without the child.

Congratulations Ryan on your win on Sunday.


vomovomacka - 5 months ago

This Glasshole was pumped to see Ryan take the 21 to Victory Lane. I had a few beers in celebration too, but not the 4 coolers worth from Jr.