Draft Stragies, Closers with George, and more!

Jun 15, 2017, 03:46 PM

Corey Parson, Matt Modica, and George Kurtz look at some draft strategies for 2017. Corey and Matt think that taking Zeke Elliott will net him Wide Receivers like Doug Baldwin. George says he doesn't mind taking a tight end like Travis Kelce in the 4th round. George questions Corey if missing out a top 3 running back will hurt their drafts, and Corey explains he will take a guy like Isaiah Crowell later to be his RB1. Corey and George agree that when it comes to the Patriots running backs, they will stay away from them in drafts. Corey talks about Jake Ceily's WR rankings, and doesn't think Michael Thomas is a Top 5 WR this year. George goes on to talk about which closers you want for the weekend in fantasy baseball, and says to stay away from the Nationals bullpen.

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