Yoga in Netala with Namita Kulkarni

Jun 15, 2017, 05:32 PM

This week, The Musafir Stories speaks to Namita Kulkarni from the blog - Radically Ever After. Not only is Namita a traveller, but she's also a full time Yoga teacher, writer, artist. 

Namita has completed 610 hours of Yoga Alliance certified teacher training, and learnt from various teachers – and students – around the world.

Apart from yoga, She loves creating adventures/misadventures, reading, learning new languages, generally seizing the day and living to share the tale. T

Mostly a solo traveller, Namita has chased her fears across 14 countries and gotten to know them better with every journey.

 From ziplining in Thailand, jumping off a waterfall in Mauritius to rafting in Rishikesh, paragliding in Bir to bouldering in flipflops in Hampi,to trekking Mt. Le Pouce on an empty stomach to getting lost with a dead cellphone on a small Thai island. 

Today's destination: Netala, Uttarakhand   Nearest Airport: Dehradun Airport (Jolly Grant) Nearest Railway Station: Haridwar Junction

Prerequisities - Enrollment at the yoga center - Sivananda Kutir 

Packing - Warm clothes are prefered

Time of the year - October

Length of the itinerary: 

Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Namita was a part of group completed their yoga teacher training course (TTC) at the Sivananda kutir in Netala/Uttar Kashi
  • The institute is located at the foothills of the Himalayas, very close to where the river Ganges/Ganga takes birth - Gangotri
  • Namita shares the multitude of experiences she had while she was a part of this learning trip turned adventure in the remote himalayan village
  • Namita spent a good part of a week at Netala learning yoga and exploring life cut off from the rest of the world; Having palm sized spiders as room-mates
  • She explains the course curriculum as well as her experience with satvik food
  • Her tryst with the locals of Netala and the peculiar similarities and the hobby they share with the other elders
  • Walking meditation and yoga at the beach by the Ganga river (for real!)
  • Hear to what Namita is up to and how you can follow her work


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Social handles:

Email:  Twitter: @namitakulkarni  Instagram: @namita_nefarious  Facebook: Radically Ever After 

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