Jeff Sessions, Russiagate, the Special Counsel & What is to be done? @korischake @marykissel



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Jeff Sessions, Russiagate, the Special Counsel & What is to be done? @korischake @marykissel

What did we learn today that we did not previously know?

Schake: We learned five important things:

Sessions did not believe recusing himself from Russia-related issues prevented him from participating in the decision to fire FBI Director Comey, even when the Russia probe was the president’s reason for firing Comey. The attorney general declined to say whether he knew the president was firing Comey because of the Russia investigation – leaving this an open question seems to me damaging to his own case. Because if there was any question it was related to the Russia case, Sessions should have recused himself.

He corroborated Comey’s statement that Comey had asked Sessions not to leave him alone with the president.

The attorney general’s chief of staff was present for the Comey-Sessions exchange, so the chief of staff can corroborate one of their opposing testimonies.

The attorney general never counseled the FBI director about his job performance before firing him. This matters because it calls Sessions’ rationale for the firing into question.

The attorney general never sought or received a briefing on Russian interference in the election.

Jun 16, 03:03 AM
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