Shakespeare in the Park Trump "Unhingement." @danhenninger @wsjopinion



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Shakespeare in the Park Trump "Unhingement." @danhenninger @wsjopinion

"...But that wasn’t the end of it. We may assume that as Ms. Griffin was creating her video, the artists at New York’s Public Theater were rehearsing their production of “ Julius Caesar, ” the one in which Central Park audiences watch Caesar as a blond-haired Donald Trump, who is pulled down from a podium by men in suits and assassinated with plunging knives.

The news site Axios runs stories regularly about journalists who have been suspended or fired because of their unhinged postings on Twitter . After Donald Trump used a tweet to revive his long-running feud with the mayor of London amid the June 3 killings, CNN personality Reza Aslan tweeted that Mr. Trump was a “piece of s—.”

Some take comfort that these displays did not go unpunished. CNN wrist-slapped Ms. Griffin by dropping her as co-host of its New Year’s Eve show with Anderson Cooper. Delta Air Lines , American Express and Bank of America withdrew their sponsorship of “Julius Caesar,” though New York City’s Democratic Comptroller Scott Stringer said their pullout “sends the wrong message.”

Advertisers must wake up every morning wondering what political meteorite will hit them next. J.P. Morgan Chase pulled its ads this week from NBC News rather than be associated with Megyn Kelly’s prime-time interview with Alex Jones to discuss “controversies and conspiracies,” such as his notion that the Sandy Hook murders were a hoax. Ms. Kelly justified the interview in part on Twitter because Donald Trump appeared on Mr. Jones’s show and “our job is 2 shine a light.”

Donald Trump’s election has caused psychological unhingement in much of the population. But the Trump phenomenon only accelerated forces that were plummeting in this direction before the 2016 election...."

Jun 17, 03:57 AM
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Mackie2 - 2 months ago

J: You think it would be any different if Ted Cruz was President, I think it would have a different face in kind but not in revulsion , they hunger for power , absolute power at any price. You'd think one of their leaders Bezo's would be happy owning Amazon , which should satisfy anyone's desire for continuous employment, then He buy's the Washington Post and is a leader in this Cabal to over throw the Government of the United States, today we find out He now owns Whole Foods Market , insatiable appetite for power , number one, more, more, more.