Roscosmos booster-chaser KIA in Kazahkstan. Bob Zimmerman

Jun 17, 06:16 AM


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Roscosmos booster-chaser KIA in Kazahkstan. Bob Zimmerman

Truck driver killed in fire related to crash of Soyuz stage in Kazakhstan. A truck driver has died in an effort to extinguish a fire related to the crash in Kazakhstan of the stages from the Soyuz rocket that earlier this week launched a Progress freighter to ISS.

This story does not indicate any failure on Russia’s part during the launch. What it does highlight is the problematic location of their Baikonur spaceport, which requires expendable first stages to crash on land. In fact, this incident also suggests it wise for the Russians, and the Kazakhstans, to consider developing recoverable first stages that can land in a controlled manner, as SpaceX has, in order to make this spaceport more useful and safer.

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