Best of Rock The Schools - Episode 92 - Shelby J

Jun 19, 2017, 04:05 PM

Rock The Schools will be celebrating all week with airing its most listened to shows. Monday, June 26, will feature a special 100th episode. Rock the Schools thanks and honors all of our special guests who believed in the Rock The Schools mission to empower parents and students. Please continue to share Rock The Schools with your network of parents and students and like us on FB at Rock The School News. More information can be found at: RTS Episode 92 | Shelby J.’s highly anticipated solo album was released on April 21st in honor of Prince, who made her promise to finish the album. It is a tribute to the education she received from her friend and mentor, the purple Yoda himself, Prince. Today’s segment focuses on Shelby J. and how Prince inspired and challenged her to be the best.