George McDonagh, CEO of Kryptonite1 #KR1 - 19th June 2017

Jun 20, 2017, 01:37 PM

George McDonagh, CEO of Kryptonite1 #KR1 a Blockchain and cryptocurrency investment company, traded on the Nex Exchange talks about some of their investments including Ethereum and SatoshiPay.

“We are a publicly listed company that seeks opportunities in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space. We perform due diligence on all the major projects coming to market, assessing their potential in line with our mantra ‘Team, traction and tech.’ We then hold our assets and wait for the project to mature, adopting rigorous ‘city’ discipline when it comes to liquidating our positions. This area of technology is expanding rapidly and it’s becoming clear a new form of decentralised internet is taking shape.”

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