#1113 Tax cuts and deregulation have failed before and will fail again

Jun 20, 2017, 10:00 PM

Air Date: 06/20/2017 Today we take a look at the legacy of conservative economics in Kansas, the new federal budget being pushed that would echo the Kansas disaster, deregulation that will cost citizens billions and the intellectual underpinning of modern conservative philosophy that is driving all this Be part of the show! Leave a message at 202-999-3991 Show Notes Ch. 1: Opening Theme: A Fond Farewell - From a Basement On the Hill Ch. 2: Act 1: Conservatism is failing from Topeka to Tulsa to the River Thames - Bradcast from @TheBradBlog - Air Date 6-9-17 Ch. 3: Song 1: ​Dust in the Wind - Kansas Ch. 4: Act 2: A billionaire perspective on Trump's budget - The Other Washington - Air Date 6-1-17 Ch. 5: Song 2: ​Turtle (Bonobo Remix) - Pilote Ch. 6: Act 3: Republicans Repeal Disastrous Tax Cuts - @theyoungturks - Air Date 06-11-17 Ch. 7: Song 3: ​Lesson Learned (feat. John Mayer) - Alicia Keys Ch. 8: Act 4: Roll-Back of Financial Regulations Has Nothing to do with Complexity or Boosting the Economy - @TheRealNews - Air Date 6-13-17 Ch. 9: Song 4: ​Ennio 08-08 - Silence Is Sexy Ch. 10: Act 5: Stop Republicans from Deregulating Wall Street & #DefendCFPB via @RealBankReform - Best of the Left Activism Ch. 11: Song 5: ​This fickle world - Theo Bard Ch. 12: Act 6: Nancy MacLean on the intellectual underpinning of a “mean” Republican Party - Who What Why - Air Date 6-16-17 Voicemails Ch. 13: Russia - Alan from Connecticut Ch. 14: Interested in hearing about the Draft Bernie movement - Ahmed from the Bronx, NY Ch. 15: A rumination on freedom of speech - Dave from Olympia, WA Voicemail Music: Loud Pipes - Classics Ch. 16: Final comments in response to Nathan from Vancouver, WA on free speech Closing Music: Here We Are - Everyone's in Everyone Activism: TAKE ACTION Hold Congress accountable for the "Financial CHOICE Act" (H.R. 10) via Americans for Financial Reform  Explore Americans for Financial Reform's website Follow Americans for Financial Reform on Twitter @RealBankReform   Engage with the campaign through the hashtags #WrongCHOICEAct and #DefendCFPB EDUCATE YOURSELF Letter to Congress: Oppose H.R. 10 – The Wall Street’s CHOICE Act Would Devastate Financial Regulation (Americans for Financial Reform) What They Want to Hide Tells You Who They Are (Bill Moyers) Trump Administration Says Financial Watchdog Agency Should Be Defanged (New York Times) The Choice Act is Not a Community Banking Bill (American Banker, Op-ed) Bill to Erase Some Dodd-Frank Banking Rules Passes in House (New York Times) Written by BOTL Communications Director, Amanda Hoffman Produced by Jay! Tomlinson Thanks for listening! Visit us at BestOfTheLeft.com Check out the BotL iOS/Android App in the App Stores! Follow at Twitter.com/BestOfTheLeft Like at Facebook.com/BestOfTheLeft Contact me directly at Jay@BestOfTheLeft.com Review the show on iTunes and Stitcher!