06/21/2017 Nate and Creight Hour 2

Jun 21, 2017, 08:51 PM

Co-host Cris Dishman joins Patrick in the second hour and they begin with Shaq’s comments on the current Lakers and Lonzo Ball. They play the “on or off bandwagon” game. Cris and Patrick discuss Dwight Howard being disrespected by the Atlanta Hawks and then transition to wide receiver Jeremy Maclin being disrespected by the Kansas City Chiefs. They wonder if the Chiefs should have had any conversations with Maclin before releasing him. Staying with the NFL topic the guys discuss if players should hold out if they’re under contract because teams and fans hate it when star players hold out. The guys transition and discuss whether OT should be eliminated in the NFL for player safety because you’re playing an extra 10 minutes of football. Towards the end they discuss if as a NFL player would you want to play 18 regular season games and shorten/cut down pre-season games? Patrick and Cris end the show with Lonzo talk. #Shaq #LonzoBall #NBA #DwightHoward #JeremyMaclin #NFL