June 21, 2017: What Causes A Person To Be More Or Less Sensitive Than Someone Else? Genes, Upbringing, Both?

Jun 22, 05:00 AM

Ethan talks to Mike Jawer about sensitivity. What makes us so dang sensitive? Is it bio-chemical, genetics, upbringing? A fascinating conversation on WHY we are SO sensitive! Ethan and Mike discuss! Michael Jawer has been investigating the mind-body basis of personality and health for the past 20 years. His interest was kindled by his investigation of indoor air quality/sick building issues in the 1990s. His articles and papers have appeared in Spirituality & Health, Explore: The Journal of Journal of Science and Healing, Noetic Now, Edge Science, Science & Consciousness Review, and Aeon. Jawer has spoken before the American Psychological Association and been interviewed by Psychology Today and Advances in Mind-Body Medicine. He has also lectured at Georgetown University, the University of Maryland, and Drexel University. He has written a pair of books with Marc Micozzi, MD, PhD: The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion (Park Street Press, 2009) and Your Emotional Type (Healing Arts Press, 2011). The book websites are, respectively, www.emotiongateway.com and www.youremotionaltype.com

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