Big Brother 19 Cast Preview & Fantasy Game

Jun 22, 2017, 12:02 AM

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Pat Mayo, Drew Livingstone & Chris Meaney tell you how and where to play the Free Big Brother 19 Fantasy Game while explaining the rules and how participants score points each week. The guys then go person-by-person breaking down each of the cast’s profiles for Big Brother 19.

Show Index

1:24 How/Where To Play 2:33 Scoring/Rules 6:54 Raven Walter 10:33 Ramses Soto 12:59 Matthew Clines 17:04 Mark Jensen 19:21 Kevin Schlehuber 22:18 Josh Martinez 26:11 Jillian Parker 28:11 Jessica Graf 31:30 Jason Dent 33:43 Elena Davies 37:31 Dominique Cooper 39:31 Cody Nickson 43:13 Christmas Abbott 47:01 Cameron Heard 48:23 Alex Ow 52:27 Megan Lowder 58:25 Picks To Win