TNT 1794: Quick Drawing Conclusions

Jun 21, 2017, 11:48 PM

Travis Kalanick is stepping down from Uber permanently. Last week Kalanick announced a leave of absence, but now he says he's giving up his position as the head of the ride-hailing company after pressure from investors. It's not all bad news for Kalanick either, who will keep control of a majority of the voting power at Uber and he'll have a say in hand-picking his successor. A software chief at Tesla is also out today, after only six months with the company. Autopilot VP Chris Lattner, former developer of the Swift programming language at Apple, is leaving Tesla and he took to Twitter to say that it "Wasn't a good fit." It looks like Lattner will be fine. The replies to his tweet are chock full of job offers from places ranging from TWiT Sponsor Cloudflare, to Cards Against Humanity. You can pay your favorite YouTuber or your favorite Twitch Live Streamer, but if you're the number one fan of a Periscoper, you were out of luck. Until now. Periscope owner Twitter announced Super Hearts, a way to send micropayments to your favorite Periscoper, in order to support the creator AND to get their attention. We also talk to Rafe Needleman about why we need tech etiquette with our home assistance. And summer camp for cybersecurity from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Host: Megan Morrone

Guests: Rafe Needleman, Nikhil Sonnad, and Thu-Huong Ha

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