TNT 1795: Total Bull Shot

Jun 23, 2017, 12:44 AM

Time Magazine is reporting that hackers accessed and manipulated voter data at least once during the 2016 presidential campaign, including social security numbers. According to official sources, some voter hacking was identified and rectified, and there is no evidence that any of the data was accessed by Trump's campaign. Imagination Technologies saw its shares drop 70 percent when Apple announced last April that it would be producing its own graphics chips instead of relying on Imaginations as it had since the iPod. As a result, Imagination has officially put itself up to be sold, which sent its stock prices up 21 percent on the news. Apple and Spotify might have an unlikely competitor in the music streaming business soon. ReCode reports that Tesla is in talks with music labels to create its own service. Sources say Tesla might license a proprietary music service that comes bundled with its cars, which already come with WiFi. Plus, Google's new VR180 format for cinematic VR, Facebook's new community focused mission, and Sam Machkovech from Ars Technica shows off Steam's prototype VR control that tracks all fingers, as well as shares a first look at game play from the upcoming title Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Hosts: Megan Morrone and Jason Howell

Guest: Sam Machkovech

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