TNT 1796: Nobody Boxes in Baby

Jun 24, 2017, 01:08 AM

Google has decided to cease ads in Gmail, as well as stop the scanning of email contents for that purpose. G Suite business users were never exposed to such ads, but were still confused and concerned about the privacy implications as it affected their business, and the change makes it unambiguous. ZDNet says Microsoft's claim of "No Known Ransomware" on Windows 10 S doesn't hold up to testing. It took security researcher Matthew Hickey from Hacker House just over three hours to exploit the way Microsoft Word automates tasks in order to create a malicious, macro-based Word document. Media regulators in China have issued even tougher restrictions on audio and video streaming services. Weibo, AcFun, and were specifically called out as allowing programs that "comment on current affairs and spread negative comments." We also discuss Google's decision to scrub personal medical information from search results, and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Plus, Lauren Silverman from KERA in North Texas explains digital notaries and free baby boxes.

Hosts: Megan Morrone and Jason Howell

Guest: Lauren Silverman

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