Episode 285-A Chat With Kings Rookies & Doug Christie

Jun 26, 2017, 07:14 PM

Deuce and Mo take the show on the road from the Sacramento Kings Invitational benefiting the Sacramento Kings Foundation (00:20). They caught up with Kings rookie Justin Jackson about being back with his former AAU teammate De'Aaron Fox (2:40), they talked with new Kings big man Harry Giles about his journey and his relationship with Chris Paul (5:10) and they talk to De'Aaron Fox about his confidence and how NBA2K helped his game (9:20). Deuce and Mo then sit down with Kings legend Doug Christie (14:40), about why he loves De'Aaron Fox (15:50), Fox's confidence and how American athletes will evolve (17:40), if the Kings need some veteran help (18:40), on why Fox's shot will improve (20:45), why Harry Giles was worth a shot at No. 20 (22:10), what he says in Justin Jackson (23:50), how he views Malik Monk as a 6th man (25:20), how much he loves living and working in Sacramento (26:58), how he landed a job working on the Kings broadcasts (27:40), how he's still learning about the game and how he didn't understand shooting until he was done playing (30:00), how he's a better shooter today than he was when he played (32:00), his airball in Game 7 in the 2002 Western Conference Finals (33:20), how Game 7 was the most painful time and why he was crying before the game (35:30), why he hasn't gone back to watch the game but how it still lives with him (37:00), the importance of taking care of your mind (39:20) and what he thinks about the Cousins trade now (44:00).